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Yann Tiersen, Clint Mansel, Antonio Vivaldi, Rammstein, A Perfect Circle, Led Zeppelin, Gabriel Fauré, Erik Satie, John Williams, Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin, Sergej Prokofjev, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Deep Purple, Metallica, Moby, Draconian, David Bowie, Daft Punk, Massive Attack, Enya, Muse, Björk, Alice in Chains, The Prodigy, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Guns ‘N’ Roses, AC/DC, Megadeth, Tool, Mortal Love, Mor Ve Ötesi, Godsmack and others.
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Jurin iv Shâsot: Force-imbued Sith Sword

Jurin iv Shâsot, which in Sith language means Sea of passion, is the name of Darth Veraduna’s Force-imbued Sith Vibro-sword. (Darth Veraduna is a fictional character created by me for role-playing purposes as I’m a member of several Star Wars RP communities on Discord and IMVU.)

The blade is an ebony black as if darkened by an intense fire and slightly curved following an elegant katana-scimitar shape. It’s notched along the edge on the inside of the curve to give it a cruel appearance as well as allow the weapon to trap the swords or lightsabers of opponents. It retains a commanding aura of destruction and power. Small aspects of the sword’s appearance can be described as disturbing such as a strange visual effect upon it which makes it seem as if shadows pulse and ebb along its surface. Upon close inspection an engraving of Aurebesh script can be spotted on the hilt, naming the sword Jurin iv Shâsot. A faint tracery of intricate runes and sigils of evil power and arcane magic runs the length of the blade. The temperature and glow of the blade changes depending on Veraduna’s emotional state. If she is calm, the blade has a cool to icy feeling to the touch and a faint blue shimmer plays along its edges. If she’s passionate, the blade increases in temperature. Its sharp edge on the outside of the curve seems to glow hungrily with deep crimson when it’s wielded.

To protect her hands from injury, the guard of the hilt (the extended bar between the blade and grip) is covered in soft, black leather made of Arkanian dragon hide. To reduce the sword’s weight, the grip (the handle below the guard) is made of ebony wood. The same leather wrapped around the hilt provides a firm grip—the weapon will not slip in a hand slick with sweat or blood. It’s designed for use with one or two hands and therefore a relatively long katana grip. The pommel found at the bottom of the grip prevents the sword from slipping and is as well a decorative piece. It is made of a heavier metal and serves as a counterweight, allowing the blade to swing with greater force, improving its power and cutting ability. The sword’s pommel and guard are each set with a brilliant and fiery red Qixoni crystal.

Imbued with the Force, blades are preternaturally strong and sharp, being capable of cutting effortlessly through most materials with the exception of reinforced metals such as durasteel, which takes more effort. However, the handle of Veraduna’s sword contains a compact ultrasonic vibration generator which, combined with the weapon’s magnetic properties and with its attraction to the Force, can generate enough vibratory force in the form of a powerful energy field, allowing it to cut through any material with ease, including durasteel plating. Excess energy from the generator in this vibrosword is conducted directly through the blade.


The art of creating the Sith sword was a long and tedious one. The first swords Veraduna crafted were not as desired, however through the experience only mistakes can grant, will one end with the perfect sword.

Design. Prior to construction, Veraduna spent days with drawing and playing on paper with shapes, figuring out what she wanted her sword to look like, drawing inspiration from history based on research. The design was made on paper, then transferred to cardboard in its actual size and a mold for all parts.

Collecting materials. Most ores – a combination of rock sediments and iron-sand – from which the high carbon metals that she used to forge the blade of her sword were extracted, originate from a Force nexus on Korriban. Therefore, most atoms of it were already imbued by the Dark Side before the process of Sith Alchemy began.

Meditation. Wearing a Talisman of Concentration during all steps of preparation and construction of the blade, Veraduna isolated herself for days. She stepped into the alchemical apparatus and meditated for hours, using ancient techniques to strengthen her bond to the Dark Side as one has to be focused in mind, body and soul in order to influence the magic needed to grant the created weapon its invulnerability and ability to channel Force power within its crystalline/metal construct.

Rite of the Fire. As the bond was eventually strengthened enough, she prepared a fire. Using stored Force energy to increase its intensity and ferocity, the fire was imbued with the Dark Side, giving it the intensity needed to forge the blade of the sword as well as for smelting techniques.

Alloy. Through various metallurgical and arcane means (refining and smelting), a mixture of base and rare metals were extracted and transmuted into an alchemical alloy possessing an unusual affinity for Dark Side energies. It had similarities to Phrik alloy, a rare metallic compound that was one of only a few lightsaber-resistant substances known, used in the construction of extremely light and durable battle armor as well as melee weapons – an Arkanian invention of Doctor Gorman Vandrayk. Veraduna is an Arkanian Pureblood and Vandrayk that worked for her families company Adascorp during the Old Republic Era is one of her idols. Since ancient Sith Swords are heavy, Phrik seemed the perfect alternative as it is much lighter than metals such as durasteel, yet lightsaber-resistant similar to Echani cortosis-weaving. The Phrikite for her swords originates from Tatooinee, thus not from the well known Blood Moon aka Gromas 16.

The shape and hardness. Using the Force to mold the metal into the desired shape (the mold was a simple one, details would be forged later), the fire was used to melt it down, the Dark Side becoming once again ingrained into every molecule of silicon dioxide. For several days the blade was hammered, reformed and enhanced by submerging it in a trough of blood of her Master. Sealing herself in complete darkness for 24 hours, meditating, chanting and offering a sacrifice of greatest personal significance – the man she loved. During this ritual, Veraduna killed her beloved and plunged the blade into his blood, however unaware of the fact that due to their Force Bond, she’d die too.

In panic, Veraduna performed another ritual in which she slashed open her palms with a dagger to add her own blood and bound her Master’s evil spirit to the sword. Veraduna had to fight him once again in order to gain his approval to wield the sword that now served as his soul jar. The sword would try to knock her unconscious, but after a two hours fight she finally forced it to submit, using an ancient Sith technique called the Force Walk, allowing her to bind her Master’s Force ghost in order to utilize his strength.

After that, the sword was grinded with Svolten rhyolite to permanently sharpen it, quenched to lock the carbon molecules into a tight lattice network by rapidly cooling after heating up, tempered. The blade was pushed into the blistering heat, letting the metal grow red and hot before removing it and allowing it to cool, before putting it back into the flame when the blade dims to its normal color. She repeated this cycle for several hours without interruption and without harming the blade by this treatment, the Dark Side washing over it each time to give it the desired invulnerability and permanent razor edge it will possess for eternity. The blade was polished to a reflective surface. During the intense process of Sith Alchemy, Veraduna altered the blade’s molecular structure, making it stronger, sharper and a masterpiece of destruction permanently twisted by the Dark Side. Moreover she reversed its magnetic polarity, turning it into a high-temperature superconductor that could deflect blaster bolts and other particle weapons as if magnetically sealed.


A living weapon

The Sith Sword is named after Veraduna’s Master whose blood is used during the ritual to enhance it with the Dark Side. The blade speaks of the very strong and special, but also destructive Force-bond that was created between Veraduna and her Master, which was one of the reasons he abandoned her. Despite of that, the bond was never broken. Even though she wanted to, she could not break free from it and it would cause suffering and hate. Years later her Master came back and she killed him which almost resulted in her own death, because their bond was so strong that if one would die, the other would too.

Using his blood, Veraduna managed to bind his life force to the object so that his spirit could “live on” in the sword and her life was saved. However, the bond would remain through the sword and her Master’s “death” created an emptiness, a wound within herself. He died, but wasn not truly dead and she survived, but was not truly alive…

The Empathic Weapon does not talk, at least it cannot be heard with the ears, but it sounds its owners mind and reacts to the feelings of her and others. It has a mind of its own, knows her desires and is willing to help her. She does not simply wield it. She treats it as a person and uses it in dodging and slicing patterns so graceful it looks more like a dance than combat. Something that should be impossible for someone with lack of brute strength, as Sith Swords are relatively heavy. However, during combat it senses her intentions and acts like an extension of her body and mind, supporting her movements in fights with flawless synchronization.

Veraduna and her sword are bound to each other through the Force through a mystical ritual. If one is destroyed, so is the other. Only she can wield this personal weapon. If someone else would get hold of it and try to command it, the sword would work against them and possibly injure or kill them. In most cases they would be knocked unconscious by a large energy blast upon touching it. This also means that she can summon the weapon from anywhere at any time, even if it is far away at an unknown location, as the two share a link that allows one to call upon the other so losing the weapon is never an issue. In fact it is impossible to lose, no matter how much she would wish it gone.

It protects her, but at the same time, it reminds her of her pain, ensuring that she remains corrupted by the Dark Side of the Force, serving as a reminder and amplifier of her darkness. It also keeps her mind sharp as she has to be wary not to let it take over her body and mind. Part of the corrupted spirit of her Master lives in it so it’s likely to have some level of sentience as well as its own interests that might differ from hers and it is challenging to keep it in check as it doesn’t always fully surrender to her will without a fight. She has to ensure that the Sword doesn’t wield the wielder instead of the other way around. Weapons are made to hurt and kill, but this one seems to enjoy it and might try to manipulate her into it. So far she’s been able to control it and use its power to her own benefit by demonstrating her ability to remain in control of her own body through successfully resisting attempts to do things against her will. At times she wished she could get rid of the sword, even though it’s what makes her strong. Most significantly, the weapon serves as a focus for the Dark energies, amplifying her power and refining her control until she’d become a walking nexus of Dark Side power.

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