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Music Artists I like
Yann Tiersen, Clint Mansel, Antonio Vivaldi, Rammstein, A Perfect Circle, Led Zeppelin, Gabriel Fauré, Erik Satie, John Williams, Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin, Sergej Prokofjev, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Deep Purple, Metallica, Moby, Draconian, David Bowie, Daft Punk, Massive Attack, Enya, Muse, Björk, Alice in Chains, The Prodigy, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Guns ‘N’ Roses, AC/DC, Megadeth, Tool, Mortal Love, Mor Ve Ötesi, Godsmack and others.
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Archive for November 2016

SWTOR Sith Inquisitor Complete Story – Dark Side/Witty

After reading the Darth Bane trilogy, I finaly began to understand the Sith philosophy and decided to start a Sith character on SWTOR. Two years ago I started as a perfect Jedi and based my choices on my own moral principles. I could not imagine myself playing a villain or monster at all, because it would make me feel so guilty. But the experience showed otherwise and playing a selfish, cynical jerk can be really fun. First I tried the Imperial Agent and now I’m going a step further.

Enjoy my upload of the full story of my mostly Dark Side Sith Inquisitor Darth Veraduna! (Companion Conversations and expansions are included) Most people don’t know that Veradun was Darth Malgus’ birth name and since he is my favorite Sith within SWTOR, I am wearing his name with proud. <3 I reccomend watching the videolist in HD 1089p.

Which Lightsaber Color and Style Would You Have?

Which Lightsaber Color and Style Would You Have?

Red Double Blade – You are evil and will kill any body in your path.

Take this quiz: Which Lightsaber Color and Style Would You Have?

What is your light saber fighting style?

For 30% you are: Form VII- Vaapad: Whose a badass? You and Mace Windu are. But you tend to let the thrill of the fight get a hold of you and lose concentration.

For 30 % you are: Form VI- Niman: You are extremely well balanced in all areas of combat. Unfortunately, you aren’t really good at any of them.

Take this quiz: What is your light saber fighting style?

November 2016
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Inspirational people

Albert Einstein
A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new.

~ Albert EinsteIn

Stephen Hawking
Although I cannot move and I have to speak through a computer, in my mind I am free.

~ Stephen Hawking

Mahatma Gandhi

You must be the change you want to see in the world.

~ Mahatma Ghandi

Hermann Hesse

Wenn wir einen Menschen hassen, so hassen wir in seinem Bild etwas, was in uns selber sitzt. Was nicht in uns selber ist, das regt uns nicht auf.

~ Hermann Hesse