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Yann Tiersen, Clint Mansel, Antonio Vivaldi, Rammstein, A Perfect Circle, Led Zeppelin, Gabriel Fauré, Erik Satie, John Williams, Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin, Sergej Prokofjev, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Deep Purple, Metallica, Moby, Draconian, David Bowie, Daft Punk, Massive Attack, Enya, Muse, Björk, Alice in Chains, The Prodigy, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Guns ‘N’ Roses, AC/DC, Megadeth, Tool, Mortal Love, Mor Ve Ötesi, Godsmack and others.
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SWTOR challenge for 2015

At 00:00, I was on SWTOR for a few minutes and suprisignly enough there were others who live in the same timezone as I do online at this moment. More losers like me lol. We came together at the republic fleet, dancing and throwing snowballs and fireworks. May the force be with us in the next year! :D

swtor 2015

swtor 2015 2

swtor 2015 3

swtor 2015 4

After a few hours of sleep I decided to log into my Jedi Shadow character again, after a very long time not playing, Not with the intention to play it, but because of additional crewskills. And maybe because I missed cutting with that gorgeous double bladed lightsaber. Soon I realized why I died on Taris all the time [the reason I gave up playing this character and made a healer]. I played on a too high lvl and my character was really poorly equiped. Now I laugh about it, because I was such a newbie… After a few changes I asked myself: could I play a tank? And how can a tank with a light armor ever survive? Here is what I have learned.

The Jedi Shadow is a melee DPS/Tank with short range abilities. This makes it a strong competitor when it comes to short range combat, however, Jedi Shadow has no self or targeted healing outside of a few situational abilities and talents. This means that survivability comes down to either companion healing, group healing, or slaying the enemy before they slay you. Luckily, even though Shadows are light armor wearers, they get a strong boost in their defense thanks to shield generators.

Jedi Shadows choose their playstyle by activating different lightsaber techniques which reflect either damage or tanking. These techniques drastically affect gameplay and synergize with their abilities in order to enable a Jedi Shadow to hold the attention of the enemy or pummel it into the ground. There are three techniques: Combat Technique (Tanking), Force Technique (DPS), and Shadow Technique (DPS).

Combat Technique gives the Jedi Shadow’s attacks the ability to drain life from the enemy, boosts threat generation, increases armor (150%) and shield chance (20%), and reduces bonus damage. Jedi Shadows equip shields along with light armor, making them fairly weak in the defense department, but with Combat Technique, the armor becomes much greater and the shield chance increases greatly, making them a real tank. So don’t let the armor fool you, robes can take a beating when you have the force on your side.

The different techniques come with an extra special boost. They can be “breached” for additional effects. Force Technique adds a DoT (damage over time) debuff, Combat Technique hits five nearby enemies for a small amount of damage and reduces their accuracy, and Combat Technique deals direct damage. Force Breach is one of the most powerful abilities in the Shadow’s damage rotation, so make sure to use it liberally.

The other unique trait of the Shadow is their ability to stealth. Stealth is a great tool for positional attacks, allowing a Shadow to move into the perfect spot before combat without being seen, and can also be used to avoid combat when attempting to explore the various planets. It has an even bigger role in PvP, allowing a Shadow to sneak in for a kill or to take an objective unnoticed. Stealth is broken on combat and while activating many of the various quest objectives.

So I got back to Coruscant and participated in a few heroics (higher difficulty missions that offer greater rewards). Most groups on such a low lvl planet as Coruscant consisted of noobs who didn’t know anything about tactics like CC (crowd control = use of an ability that renders an enemy incapacitated for a period of time and only as long as the enemy takes no damage) and were not able to listen/communicate (every time they attacked the enemy I ccd with force lift), but one group was really fantastic and I enjoyed it. It was nice, but as a tanking shadow I can better equip a good shield instead of a focus and study the abilities better in order to learn to hold threat. I did collect the datacrons and the jumping went a LOT better. As a healer people will love you and want you in their group. I remember a group begging me to join them and after I helped thanking, bowing in front of me, calling me their hero. A nice feeling. But I must say that tanking is even more exciting and fulifilling than healing as you look your enemies in the eyes and probably lead the group. You are the star in the middle of it. This will be a new challenge for me. :)

swtor datacron

2 January 2015 – update

I believe I can tank. :D Or at least, I now know I can learn how to do it and what skills are required. Practiced on Coruscant with a lvl 17 shadow, and it worked fine! I was able to hold threat and the enemies attacked me, me and me, so the DPS could deal damage without losing health. The healer made a mess of it though, instead of healing me she/he attacked even the cc-d enemies with earthquake… Earthquake is an ability to fight a large number of weaker enemies at once, not two difficoult ones you can better kill one after one. But I clearly succeeded to hold the attention of the enemies, because they turned to me, my health decreased while much weaker players took no damage at all and I was able to guard them. Too bad they did not realize what happened and what an important role I actually played. But once again, even though there is a lot weight on your shoulders, tanking is fun and very fulfilling. Now I am no longer afraid. Time to try it on Taris.^^

Btw. I found a nice Balkan guild with experienced players, they are active members running ops and doing fps. :)

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