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Review Logitech G600, Rapoo E6300 and Logitech illuminated K810

My search for better laptop hardware continues. For those who did not read my previous entry, I am looking for an additional keyboard and mouse for my laptop. The main reason is that my neck is hurting when I place my laptop in front of me. I want to place it higher. So I need an extra keyboard since this one is far away. I also have trouble when typing and using my mouse. Getting tired, making mistakes, etc.

I finaly bought a nice keyboard for my laptop that meets my wishes: the Rapoo E6300. I know it’s not made for gaming, but the advantage for me is the small surface. It arrived two days ago. I searched for it for hours untill I discovered , but unfortunately it is not working. It’s a Bluetooth device and since Bluetooth and wirelessLAN devices (like my internet) opearate within the same radio frequency range, they interfere with one another. So if I use bluetooth and wireless LAN devices simultaneously, I lose my network connection. :(

rapoo e6300

However, some Bluetooth hardware, probably also the Logitech bluetooth illuminated keyboard k810 I tried a few days ago, can detect occupied channels by wlan and look for free ones to avoid disturbance. Unfortunatelly this nice keyboard was not small enough.

logitech k810 bluetooth illuminated keyboard

So I will need to return this one too and probably search for a wired one. When I was reading the reffund-policy on the webside, suddenly a very friendly worker asked me via chat if he could help me finding a replacement. There is indeed a similar one, wireless though, but not bluetooth. Unfortunately it has a mousepad, so I did not decied yet. Maybe I will choose for a bigger one anyway, but with programmable g-keys and use macro’s. I want one with flat keys, not those mechanical noisy ones. Today I saw this comercial, and omg I almost feel like this voice is talking to me, since one of my two SWTOR characters is an imperial agent. xD

Good news is that my MMO-mouse, the logitech G600 arrived yesterday. First impression – ohh no, what a big mouse. Not sure why this mouse appeared so big to me. Maybe because I used a mini-mouse before, but the G600 might be a little bigger than the average mice.

And then I tried it. It is really brilliant. Not only the look, but also very ergonomic shape. I am able to use my indexfinger for leftclickig while my middlefinger is resting on the right mousebutton and because of the shape I don’t accidentally rightclick anymore. My hand is in a normal, more open and relaxed position and the muscles of my fingers don’t cramp anymore. I am able to use it in a normal way and rightclick with my middlefinger. Even holding down both mousebutton simultaneously is possible. This means I will be able to play SWTOR without clicklock. I will be able to move and interact with objects/enemies faster. Maybe even use the 12 sidebuttons. Today I will learn more about its advanced features. An other improvement compared with my mini-mouse is how smooth it slides.

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