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Yann Tiersen, Clint Mansel, Antonio Vivaldi, Rammstein, A Perfect Circle, Led Zeppelin, Gabriel Fauré, Erik Satie, John Williams, Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin, Sergej Prokofjev, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Deep Purple, Metallica, Moby, Draconian, David Bowie, Daft Punk, Massive Attack, Enya, Muse, Björk, Alice in Chains, The Prodigy, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Guns ‘N’ Roses, AC/DC, Megadeth, Tool, Mortal Love, Mor Ve Ötesi, Godsmack and others.
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Gaming with a physical disability

It is obvious that gaming is one of my hobby’s. Unfortunately, not only in reality, but even in games my physical handicap is a problem. Most of my favorite PS games I can not even play, because I am not able to use the half of the buttons on the PS controller. :( Especially the games where movement is controlled by the left stick.

controls PS3

PC games and MMORPG’s (multi massive online role playing games) are an alternative, but it’s very frustrating when you have no chance in duels and PvP (player versus player combat). Although, that may not be the whole truth. There are some tricks you can use for better control. I will try to give some tips that helped me. They will not make you the best gamer in the world, but they could improve your performance.

Let’s focus on MMO’s.

If you want to play a MMO like SWTOR, you’ll need to use all buttons on your mouse and keyboard. Once you progress through leveling, you will gain a LOT of abilities. You start with one quickbar which you can expand to two.


But that’s not enough. You will need to buy additional quickbars so you can put abilities on them. And not just abilities, but also things like medpacks, stims, etc. because you need them during fights.

This game is so-called ftp (free to play), but that’s a clever trick. The restrictions will be a huge handicap once you reach higher levels. You will realize having two quickbars is not enough, once you’re addicted and stopping with the game is therefore not an option. As ftp-player you can only have one crewskill, that’s as good as useless. What’s the point in learning a crafting skill (crafting is making your own items such as armor’s, stims, etc.) if you are not able to gather materials for it? Sure, you can buy materials, but that costs you game-credits. Unless you wan’t want to have two handicap’s, I reccomend becoming a preffered player. You simply buy cartelcoins for a certain amount of money, I think I payed about 8euro’s and you will receive special things. This way you don’t have to subscribe and spend money every month and you can still enjoy the game.

Once you unlocked additional quickbar’s, put abilities on them. Open your abilities tab and drag items to your additional two sidebars.


Clicking on an ability or item is a slow way to activate it, so you want to bind them to key’s on your keyboard. Simply study the preferences menu. Below you will find the tab Keybindings. In most games you are able to bind keys from your keyboard/mousebuttons to certain actions. Also check the sections movement and targeting. I target enemies with the tab button, but you could leftclick. I also have binded a button for targeting friends/groupmembers, because I protect them with shields and heal them. If you are not able to see a friend, you can click on his/her image where the health is visible. Make sure you studied the preferences menu in games like this. You can adjust things like the camera that might help.


There is a lot of special (ergonomic or gaming) hardware, including keyboards, keypads, joysticks, mouses and screens you could buy. For example the Razer Naga or the Logitech G600. I ordered today the G600 for only 40 euros, for the half of the normal price (80 euros). This mouse has a lot of buttons, 20, and you can bind every button to an action or macro. I have no experience with using macro’s yet, but I will do research once I tried the G600. It is kind of cheating and I have to make sure I will not be banned, soon I will know more about it. But even if not using in the game, macros could help with other things.




I also ordered an extra wireless minikeyboard, because my laptop-keyboard sucks. It is too wide and I freequently accidentally hit the windowsbutton during play and guess what happens, I see my desktop… I takes more than 15 seconds to activate the fullscreen and when I am back in the game, my character or someone in my group is already dead. And that’s my fault. I’t very annoying. There are methods to disable the key, but I am a little afraid to mess up something.


Controling movement with your mouse? Getting tired pressing both mousebuttons at the same time? Some gamers recommended an expensive mouse and keybind autorun, but you can use ClickLock in Windows 7 for better mouse control.

Since I am for a part physically disabled, I am not able to use all my fingers (I actually play with 1 finger per hand) and jump/move my camera while running or hold down both mousebuttons. I was slow and freequently I stayed behind in groups.

It happened a few times that I acidentally activated ClickLock. Suddenly I was able to:
– run forward by only holding down the right mousebutton (RMB)
– run + steer by holding down the RMB + moving my mouse to the left or right
– rotate the camera by moving my mouse to the left or right without holding down any mouse button

It makes things a LOT easier for me. Now I control all movement with 1 finger on the mouse. My left hand is free using keys on my keyboard to jump and use my abilities. Or move forward by holding W while rotating the camera bij moving the mouse (without pressing any button) I can finally do 2 things at the same time. And my sight improved since I can look aroud by turning the camera instead of turning my character and getting dizzy. (the camera turns faster)

Check out: How to Use ClickLock in Windows 7 for Better Mouse Control.

Here is basic guide for movement and targeting is very usefull for all beginners.

The preference menu allows you to change the speed of the camera, etc. Try it out, little changes can improve your gaming!

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